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Smiles Fade in the Rain

The rain filters to snow and back.
Not quite making up its mind.
Street lamps reflect and bounce
along the slick roads.

I look up to see city lights
become a haze among
cold heavy fog
in the horizon.

I quicken my pace as
clouds release
liquid assassins
once more.

I see her ahead of me.
Pulling her collar closer around her pale neck,
her fingers slim and delicate
snaking out from beneath her heavy black coat.

Her blonde hair is sopping wet,
pearls of rain streak down
her small form.
Leaving stars in their wake.

Does she see me?
Does she see that my heart
jumpstarts when she looks at me?
My heart could electrocute in this rain.

Her deep blue eyes shimmer
up to mine;
the only calm
in this storm around me.

I smile.

That’s all I can do.
I pour my soul to my lips with a curve.
My essence cries out, leaking through my smile.
Aching to lay my dreams at her feet.

She smiles back.
And keeps walking.
And keeps

© Jaclyn Thompson 2006
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